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Holló Petter

1971 –present - Research Professor - KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Non-profit Ltd Studies: He has obtained the highest scientific degree (D.Sc) in transport sciences and is a regular member of several national and international scientific and professional organisations (IRTAD, FERSI, ETSC, etc.) Main activities: Participation in the development of the unified system of national road accident types; determination of specific national economy losses resulting from road accidents with different consequences, types and locations; quantification and modelling of the road accident risk in function of different traffic and road characteristics; professional guidance provided to development of the first Hungarian National Road Safety Programme; study of the methodological questions relating to international comparison carried out in the field of road safety; efficiency analysis of road safety measures; exploration of road accident causes, circumstances and of the possibilities of prevention; analysis of the methodological questions with relevance to the road accident situation Besides the above mentioned activities, he works as a reviewer and editorial board member for some scientific journals (ETRR, Safety Science), as a tutor for young researchers, and as member of Scientific Committees of some great international Conferences (Road Safety on Four Continents, Transport Research Arena, etc.). Péter Holló takes part regularly in road safety conferences, also publishing his research results. He has more than 500 publications.

  • Hungary