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Kukic Dragoslav

Dr. Kukic is a road safety specialist with over 11 years of experience in the field of road safety. He has implemented his PhD work in the current open database on road safety in the Republic of Serbia. He has been employed in the Traffic Police Department and the Road Traffic Safety Agency, where he established the Road Safety Research Department, and was Project Manager for the collection of road accident data in the Republic of Serbia in accordance with CADaS recommendations. Now, he is engaged as director of Research and Development Center of the Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia – CMV. He has taken part in over 30 local and regional projects related to road safety, mostly dealing with: road safety databases; traffic police activities in road safety; road safety data analysis; risk mapping on roads and at municipal level; road safety inspection; road safety strategies and action plans; black spot management; road safety in local communities; intelligent transportation systems in the field of road safety; etc. In particular, he was engaged as road safety specialist for crash database system in European Union funded regional road safety project involving 10 countries in TRACECA Region and involving 7 countries in SEETO Region. He has a good overall knowledge of road traffic safety situation in the EU (SEETO, ETSC and IRTAD)/Asian (TRACECA) countries. He has published more than 65 research papers at national and international conferences and at professional and scientific meetings.

  • Serbia